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My Own Testimony, by Ardis Balis, Founder

I must have always had arthritis. My mother had it, and I believe it's hereditary. I first realized I had arthritis during a move. I was packing and carrying boxes and I started to have a lot of pain in my hands in the morning and pain in hips and knee during the day. I thought it was from carrying boxes but it persisted even after the move and then my knees and my elbows, and my feet all started to hurt really bad as if I'd gone mountain climbing the day before. And when I got up in the middle of the night I felt like you do after you have been exercising the day before only about 10 times worse! 

Well, my story gets better - or worse, really. My thumb started to click when I would bend it and then the pain intensified to the point where I had to wear a makeshift brace so it wouldn't bend by itself during the night or at any time. If it did bend, it felt like someone slammed a hammer on it. Well, I found out that I had "trigger thumb". Who knew? I never heard of trigger thumb. I found out that trigger thumb doesn't get better and that you had to have an operation on it or get steroid shots which are very painful. Neither of these came with a guarantee that trigger thumb wouldn't come back either! I didn't want an operation and my husband had a steriod shot once and told me it was really painful. So, I tried other ways of getting help. I went to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, I had sound therapy, I ordered creams, I took supplements - NOTHING HELPED! 

Well, I'm not one to give up easily. I started to research this problem compulsively and then I came across an article about Hyaluronic Acid. I started taking it and astonishingly enough I experienced some relief immediately. I'm not kidding. My arthritis which was really bothering me was second to this trigger thumb which was just horrible because you can't use your thumb at all! I thought, this is just too good to be true and I thought again... maybe it's my imagination so I continued to take it every hour or two and every day I got better and better. It took about a day for me to be able to bend my thumb without pain and about 2 weeks for the clicking to stop and another 3-4 weeks for the strength to return. Now my thumb is almost all better and it's only been about 7 weeks. Oh, and the arthritis in my knees is all gone. The pain in the night when I get up is gone and I still have only a little stiffness in my hands when I wake up in the morning - which I have confidence that will go away too because it's no where near as bad as it was before I started using this product. 

So, that's my story. It's true and it's why I've started selling this product because I know there are plenty of people who need it. Oh! and the added bonus... your skin starts to look younger!! I remember after about a week or two that I thought, "hey, I look pretty good today" and then again the next day and the next. Well, I wasn't just feeling better, I really was looking better. It seems this stuff gets into all the nooks and crannies of your skin or where ever there is connective tissue and makes it stronger. So, it's only natural that it would tighten up your skin too lessening the wrinkles around the eyes and tightening the jawline. It's also found in the fluid of the eye so your eyesight improves. 

This is such a fantastic product it's honestly a God-send. Is this not worth trying or what? I'm so sold on it's power I will give a refund as long as I get an "empty" bottle back because you have to try a whole bottle of it to really see what I'm talking about. Anyway, I purchase my raw product from a world leading company that provides super high quality ingredients and who are at the forefront of deliverying new levels of efficacy to the market. This allows me to have a product that I can deliver to my customers that I can be confident has the highest level of efficacy in the marketplace. You can take my product orally and you can apply it topically and is better than any moisturizer I've ever used. It also helps heal up broken skin too.

I am so excited about my product that I am offering all kinds of special offers on the order page and a very special offer on 4 (8oz) bottles! Go to the order page now and try this amazing product that I GUARANTEE to work for you or I'll give you your money back! I also promise you that I have undersold everyone else on the internet marketplace so you won't find this product at these great prices anywhere!! If you do, I'll beat it.  Below are a couple of testimonials from my customers... 

Ruth S.

 This is a testamonial from Ruth S. 

Good to hear from you.  It's time to order a bottle of HA.  I'm down to enough for this weekend.  It's gone a bit faster, this time, because I've begun increasing my daily ration of HA beyond 1 1/2 ounces.  I'm not aware of any adverse effects, but, because of my various allergies and sensitivities, which might be blamed if there was a reaction, I really wish that I had more scientific information about long-time use. 

So many products have begun to include HA, including my latest purchase of Schiff's glucosamine and chondroitin. There may be something new in the journals which motivated the manufacturers take a chance and include HA in their products.

I haven't convinced my friends to take HA.  Like anything new (to them), everyone is afraid to experiment, especially with something expensive.  A friend, to whom I gave extensive HA information, about 18 months ago, wouldn't even look into the possibility.  He had a new knee joint implanted several months ago.  Another one, who has extensive hip problems and had a replacement several years ago, watched me limping along, as I recovered from my own hip injuries.  We talked, just generally, about how HA was helping, but, no positive response. 

Golly, when I have a problem, I'll stand on my head with carrots up my nose, if someone tells me it'll work!  Who knows?  The carrotene might just get into the membranes, better, that way! My women friends suspect that it's just "luck" that my skin is so clear and I move so "youngly".  One, whom I have known for over 20 years, (so, she has seen the changes), said she would try HA on her skin.  She's the one to whom I gave my skin care formula and a tablespoon of HA. 

I'm not going to waste such a precious gift on people who won't even LOOK into the internet information.  That's why I wanted to be able to tell them, when they ask, what to expect.  It doesn't accomplish anything to keep urging people to do the right thing when they won't accept the proof staring them in the face.  Well, gotta go.  Please send me a bottle, or, whatever you think I'll need, as soon as possible. Thanks, loads! 

Ruth S. 

John R.

Hello Ardis  --  
I was truly impressed with your website for arthritis relief and decided to give your product a go about 4 weeks ago.  Before then, I tried so many things to get rid of my ancillary arthritis condition: aggravating trigger thumb, including injections, that i was beside myself.
Your product worked!  After using the dosage you suggested of your HA Compound X10, my trigger finger cleared up giving me complete mobility of my thumb.  I use it regularly now and the problem with my thumb has not returned.
Just want to thank you so very much for speaking with me and getting the product to me overnight.  I think you have the best priced product as well as the most effective.  Its like a miracle.
God bless, John R. 

Dennis Orr writes . . .

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Dear Artis 

you are right Artis! The HA product you sent me really works...

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After sampling other products for about 12 years I can honestly say that I have never taken a more effective product...